Quite Possibly the Gayest Destination in the World!

Welcome to Supertown Jomtien Complex located just south of Pattaya, Thailand where you will find over 30 Gay Bars, 20 Restaurants & dozens of Hotels, Guesthouses & Condos within easy walking distance.

Additionally, the world famous Dongtan Beach is less than a five minute walk from the complex!

Truly a great destination for the Gay Traveler of any age!

Who We Are

Supertown Jomtien Complex is a predominately Gay area of Businesses located in Jomtien Beach, Thailand.

It is the largest & busiest of three Gay areas in greater Pattaya. The others being Boyztown & Sunee Plaza.

Where We Are

Supertown Jomtien Complex is located approximately 4 Km south of Pattaya.

Baht Busses are only 10 Baht and run all day well past midnight. Taxi's & Motorbikes are also plentiful.

How to get Here

If you are staying in Pattaya, Supertown is right on the Baht Bus line to Jomtien Beach.
It's an easy 10 minute ride.

Motor Bikes & Taxi's are also available.

Arriving By Air?

Modern bus service runs every day to and from the Airport.
You can also hire a Taxi or Van if desired. The trip is less than two hours.
The Bus station is easy walking distance to Supertown.

Where To Stay?

In addition to numerous Hotels & Guesthouses, there are many Condos available for rent nearby at affordable monthly / weekly or even daily rates!

A quick Internet search (Condo Rental + Pattaya) will provide you with plenty of options.

What To Do?

Daytime means Beach Time in Thailand. Dongtan Beach is an easy walk from the complex.
You'll find beach chairs, umbrellas and food & drink available.

There are Go Karts, Water Parks, Parasailing & Boat Trips to Ko Larn Island nearby.

If Golf is your game, there are over 20 courses nearby!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage by Male or Female staff are plentiful throughout Thailand. There are many choices available in Supertown.

The Thai Blind Massage Institute is renown for it's traditional massage.


Pattaya offers a wide range of shopping options to suit every taste & price range.
You'll find modern Shopping Malls like
Terminal 21 & Central Festival along with traditional Night Markets to explore.

Great deals on electronics can be found at the Tukcom IT Mall just 4 Km away.

Eating Out

Whether you prefer Street Food or Fine Dining, it's all here, waiting for you!

A wide range of Dining from Thai to Italian, Mexican, French, Indian , German & Indonesian & Chinese await you.

Western Fast Food is also readily available from Subway, KFC, MacDonald's, Burger King & Taco Bell.

Non Alcohol Days

Thailand is a 95% Buddhist Country and celebrates several religious holidays a year where the sale of alcohol is prohibited,

You may. of course buy alcohol for consumption prior to these days for your private use.

In 2022 these dates are:

Wednesday, 16 Feb : Makha Bucha Day
Sunday, 15 May : Visakha Bucha Day Wednesday, 13 July : Asalha Bucha Thursday, 14 July : Khao Phansa Day Monday, 10 Oct : End of Buddhist Lent

Boys Drinks

When you are visiting a bar you may desire have a staff member sit with you..

It is customary to buy that young man a drink (or two) and to Tip him afterward.

You will find that the Boy Drink price is slightly higher than yours, The price difference is paid to the worker at the end of the evening.

Always remember that Staff Members rely heavily on tips to make a living.

Gay Acceptance In Thailand

Thailand is one of Asia’s most LGBTQ+-friendly nations. It’s close to approving same-sex civil partnerships as of this writing.
Although Homophobia still exists, it is rare in Thailand, and becoming less common as young Thai people are reared in a nation that’s increasingly inclusive of gay and lesbian people.
Thailand has become a hugely popular tourist destination for gay and lesbian travelers in the last 20 years.
As well as acceptance, the country has a lively LGBTQ+ social scene with every major Thai city and beach resort home to many gay and lesbian venues.

How's The Weather?

Pattaya is located 12 degrees above the equator, putting it on the same latitude as Sudan in Africa & Venezuela in South America. The midday sun can be brutal so you are advised to hydrate often, wear a hat and sunscreen if you are fair skinned.

Generally speaking Pattaya is warm and humid year round. That is not to say there are no variations. April - May tends to be the hottest months.

September - October the rainiest months. December - February tends to be cooler & less humid.

Tropical downpours can occur any time of the year.

SuperTown Rain or Shine

Supertown now has a roof covering the main street. You can now go from Bar to Bar and not worry about tropical downpours stranding you in one place!

With so many places to explore, you'll want to visit them all!